At USinvest our mission is to focus on outstanding investment opportunities in the United States to benefit our clients and our shareholders. We believe that there has never been a better time to invest in the US and want to ensure that these opportunities are not missed.

Real Estate
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Anyone who has been watching the news recently will know that property prices in the United States are at an all-time low. Of course, this presents huge opportunities for those who can act fast.

The US stock markets have always led the world in opportunies to make substantial profits, with less risk than in some other jurisdictions. Now is a good time to enter (or re-enter) the market, but you'll need the right advice to avoid the pitfalls.
Now is the time to jump on a number of distressed businesses and other assets. We can assist and point you in the right direction, and hold you hand through the whole aquisition process.

Did you know that getting a US Green Card has never been easier for genuine business immigrants? The EB-5 resident visa scheme allows you and your family to migrate to the US to work and study.

Today's Emerging Market is the USA!

A decade ago every investor on the planet was looking to emerging markets: The traditional investment markets were seen as overbought and overvalued, and money flowed into up and coming markets that seemed to offer unlimited upside. Today that equation has reversed. Many of the emerging markets are moving into bubble territory, with serious lapses in transparency, regulation, and liquidity becoming painfully obvious. Many assets in traditional markets, on the other hand, have been brought down to bargain levels by cyclic recession, particularly in the US. 

"The current attractiveness of the US is in stark contrast to the situation a year ago… Most US markets were cold, offering expected returns below risk-adjusted required returns. This opportunity remains largely unexploited to date, since transaction volumes in the US have not yet seen the levels witnessed in Europe and Asia Pacific."

Nigel Almond, associate director of forecasting and strategy, DTZ Research

History has proven time and again that the key to making money in long term investment is to buy quality assets at cyclic bottoms. Around the world, smart money is easing out of emerging markets at their peak and moving into undervalued assets in the USA, accelerated by a cyclic weakening of the US dollar. US asset markets remain the most transparent, liquid, and dynamic in the world, allowing accurate assessment of asset quality and providing a solid base for appreciation. At these prices, the only logical decision is to buy.

"With the current levels of capital targeting real estate markets, we anticipate an increase in global transaction volumes during 2011… we expect US volumes to pick up more substantially than in Asia Pacific and Europe."

Hans Vrensen, global head, DTZ Research

USinvest connects a global client base with selected investment opportunities in the United States. Our current focus is on real estate, the asset class providing today's outstanding value in acquisition price, revenue generation, and appreciation potential. Property packages may be optimized for personal use, rental income, or both, while innovative fractional ownership systems provide entry points that even small investors can afford.

"We have been researching the US real estate market for almost over a year and the opportunities now available have not been seen in the US since the 1980s. The US economy is the largest and the most robust economy in the world and provides the most transparent, well regulated, and secure real estate investment environment in the world.”

Omer Ghani, CEO, Fine & Country Inc (United Arab Emirates)

Quality US real estate is where today's smart money is flowing, and where tomorrow's big earnings will be made. USinvest provides the tools you need to share those gains.

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